Madames Make the Best Business Women- Madame Alexandra’s Rules of Business: The Enduring Principles of Business Success


cover50989-medium (1)Believe it or not Brothel Madames often make the best business women (if you leave out Heidi Fleiss). For two decades, Madame Alexandra (aka Alexandra Borodinskaya) ran one of the most highly respected brothels in Paris. She did not reveal the names of her notable clients and there are no records of her actually participating in the act of prostitution. She was able to keep her history a secret, save for what she wanted people to know. Brilliant with business, her establishment often received patronage from the wealthy, the powerful, and the highest regarded in France’s arts and sciences. What she did leave behind was a piece of history with her rules for business.

Collected and edited by successful businessman Claude Roessiger, Madame Alexandra’s Rules of Business is a handsome collection of practical real world advice for running a business, impressing your clients and always leave them wanting more. So many of Madame Alexandra’s points of order seem like lessons learned after having made difficult mistakes and risen back to the top. Much of her advice is something that you might find speaking with an older woman as she explains how to keep a business successful. I found myself devouring these points not just for business, but for life itself.

Some will be turned off by the fact that Alexandra was a French Madame. Hopefully, readers can look past this and see her Rule for what they are: intelligent insight into the successful building and running of a business.

Madame Alexandra’s Rules of Business: The Enduring Principles of Business Success is available now.



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