Orphan Black Premiere: ‘The Weight of This Combination’


Spoiler Alert: While Cosima is attempting to figure out how to block Spoilers from view, we will take this time to advise that if you haven’t season the first episode of Season 3 and want to be surprised, hold off on reading this review.



The Clone Club is back, well sort of. At the end of last season we discovered the work of Project Leda and Kira found the secret key to break down Professor Duncan’s work in a copy of The Island of Doctor Moreau. We also found out about Project Castor. In ‘The Weight of this Combintion,’ Cosima is working to heal after a transplant of Kira’s stem cells. She is doing well, but her separation from Delphine is obviously painful. Rachel Duncan is now blind in one eye after Sarah’s stabbing last season, and there is a possibility of brain damage. Sarah must pose as Rachel in a business meeting, hoping that Delphine will do most of the talking. Not all goes to plan, and Allison has to step in to play Sarah in a holding cell. Meanwhile, Helena is being held in a mysterious compound after Mrs. S’s “wartime decision” and Sarah wants nothing more than to free her sister. The challenge is finding out where she is first. Project Castor builds speed and we begin to learn more and more about the side by side cloning projects and how deep the rabbit hole really goes.


I’m going to Fangirl here. This episode was goooooooooooooooooood. How Tatiana Maslany has not won every award possible for acting in television is beyond me, folks. Her ability portray upwards of 7 characters in a single episode blows my mind. If you haven’t delved into the comic books yet, I suggest now is the time to do so. An exchange between Helena and a scorpion is foreshadowed in the comics, but comes as a complete surprise for the uninitiated TV watcher.

Orphan Black is not a watch out of the corner of your eye type of TV show. It is a heart-pounding, all eyes straight ahead, better be prepared for anything TV show. If you’re still looking to catch up on the first two seasons, they can be found on Blu-Ray or on Amazon Prime Instant Watch. If Episode 1 is any indication, Season 3 of Orphan Black is going to be crazy.




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