Thoughts on the New “Attack on Titan” Live-Action Trailer


The good live-action anime is an extremely rare and magnificent creature. Hajime Isayama’s hit manga Attack on Titan was bound to undergo the adaptation transferal. The story follows a post-apocalyptic world overrun by terrifying man-eating giants. The last surviving humans hide in a medieval-styled German fortress, where the military trains soldiers to fight a seemingly vain war with the monsters. Shinji Higuchi is directing the live action film as a two-parter.

When I first saw the character posters I was a little concerned about the loss of the historical European aesthetic that so gave the work its flavor. Nevertheless, it is a Japanese creation and has a gorgeous Japanese cast, perhaps this will fix the anime’s pacing issues.  There is no guarantee that this will be a successful piece of art, but it promises to be a fun ride.


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