Valar Morghulis Makes A Come Back in Game of Thrones- “The House of Black and White”


Spoiler Alert:  So many spoilers in this post. If you don’t want to know, turn around and go back the way you came.

IMG_0228Arya Stark has traveled far and found herself at the doors of the House of Black and White. However, the door keeper refuses to let her in and tells Arya to go. Arya, like a boss, sits on the steps and recites her list of people who must die and only ventures away for food.


When a group of ruffians try to take her freshly killed pigeon, the door keeper frightens them away and returns her to the House of Black and White, revealing he is a familiar face.


Cersei Lannister is in a quiet frenzy regarding her children. She receives a ceramic cobra with Marcella’s Lannister necklace, sees it as a threat and she goes into full Mama Lion mode. Jamie Lannister warns her not to speak too loud, as it is not common knowledge that the brother ans sister duo are Marcella’s real parents. He then volunteers to go to Dorn to rescue his daughter. It’s good timing too, as Ellaria Sand has returned to Dorn and is giving Oberyn’s brother a piece of her mind. She wants to send Marcella back to Cersei Lannister piece by piece, but is told to calm herself. Brienne of Tarth sees Sansa Stark-Lannister in a pub and tries to plead her loyalty, but Sansa is having none of it. After all, everyone Brienne has taken care of has died pretty badly or lost a hand.


Meanwhile, back at King’s Landing people are bringing Cersei the heads of dwarves they think are Tyrion.  Like a complete badass, she is acting as Hand of the King, even though all the men on the King’s council object. She tells them that she is holding the position under her son the King may choose her replacement. What Cersei and the council don’t know is Tyrion is travelling far away to find The Mother of Dragons and bring her back to the Iron Throne. Daenerys is still having a heck of a time finding a happy medium in her new taken town.  The ex-slaves are furious one of their own have died. The wealthy are furious they no longer have slaves. In all the chaos, one of the unsullied murders the man who killed his brother in arms in the last episode. Daeny has to prove to the city that she is capable of justice, but it may just make things worse. At the Wall, Gilly learns to read under Stannis’ daughter’s teaching and Jon Snow is offered a title if he takes a knee under Stannis, but he is not prepared to do so. Oh…and Drogon is back.


I need every single one of Cersei’s mourning dresses. Hate her all you want, but this is a woman with intense strength desperate to protect her children. She might be 3/4 pure evil on her best days, but Cersei is Mama Lion through and through. Her ability to play the game in a man’s world also sets her a head above the rest. Arya Stark continues to grow in the series, but is proving that she has serious guts. I’m starting to feel really bad for Brienne of Tarth, as it seems she’s having a hard time making friends with the Stark girls. My cheer moment of this episode was Drogon coming back, even if the dragon just as quickly flew off again.


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