Club Cosplay: The nightclub scene for me


Convention attendees should be very familiar with Bernie Bergman.

Bernie is a popular sight at conventions as he walks around as Big Helmet or Ace Ventura. He is an MC for the local midnight movie events at the Vista for the Nerds Like US screening. He’s fun, charismatic, and hosts all the amazing events. Seeing Bernie’s name attached to an event is solid gold indicator that it’s gonna be goooood.

Club Cosplay is an event that has blown up in the past couple of years. Created by nerds, for nerds, this is the ultimate nerd experience. The event is hosted at several locations with the one on Sunday April 19th at the House of Blues in Anaheim. Since this coincided with the ongoing Star Wars Celebration, this event was sold out and packed full of Star Wars cosplay.

In the bygone days of my youth, there were few nightclubs I dared to venture into. It became immediately apparent that the nightclub scene as dictated by Hollywood was not for me. I hated the skimpy fashion, the sleazy patrons, the horrible music, and the boredom. Conversations can barely be held with friends, so the time is just spent drinking and people watching.

Club Cosplay is completely different. The venue is still loud, but conversations are barely needed. Give a thumbs up in appreciation of a cosplay outfit, and soon you are just dancing away with complete strangers. Maybe it’s because almost everyone is in costume that it’s more laid back. Or maybe it’s that you can’t be snooty if you’re dancing between a Rick Grimes and Sailor Moon.

There is no boredom at Club Cosplay. There is something always happening on stage. My arrival to the club was during the masquerade portion. Where cosplayers strutted their stuff along the stage. Then there was the epic light saber battle staged by Iron Shield Arms, LLC, and a surprise battle involving Lonstarmash, well known Wolverine cosplayer, as Jedi- Wolverine. The music was just freaking fun! There was retro music like Shout mixed in with Gangnam Style(of course I got down to that) and Pit bull. DJ Galactic Ray kept the vibes going and was pure fun watching him dance in his “space ship.” The dance floor was crowded with cosplayers brandishing props weapons or blinky light batons.

On the second floor, vendors lined against the wall in the crowd. There was only one vendor that caught my eye: Revenge of the Nerd who offered a T shirt sporting one of my all time favorite Marvel characters: X-23.

Every inch of this place was packed. I was seriously surprised by how much fun I was having. Even my curmudgeon of a cameraman enjoyed it. The night ended with the Blooze Brothers as they laid down guitar riff, after guitar riff.

By the end of the night, my ears were ringing, feet were wobby and sore, eyes were dry from wearing contacts but I felt goooood.

Prepare your costume! The next stop for Club Cosplay is May 24th at OHM nightclubin Hollywood.

This video was of a previous Club Cosplay event. We were able to get some of our footage at the House of Blues that is currently being edited!


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