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Cover for Chrononauts 2Chrononauts has been coming up on the radar. I’ve been hearing people in the comic book stores chatting about it and my social circles mentioning it, so I couldn’t pass up the chance at reading it. Two issues in and now I understand why Universal has already optioned it for a movie. TWO ISSUES IN.

Chrononauts is created by Mark Millar (Wanted, Kick-Ass) and Sean Gordon Murphy(Punk Rock Jesus). Once I read up on  who created the comic, my jaw dropped. Almost every single comic that Millar has created has been a movie. This is astounding! This is a creator of  unique stories. Kudos to his success. That is truly phenomenal.

What’s so amazing about Chrononauts that it warrants a movie? This is the ultimate bromance story involving renegade time travelers and potential epic space chases. Hollywood loves their buddy movies.

The story is set in present day. Technology is so advanced in time travel that  cameras can be sent back into time to record historic events. Two young, great looking time travelers, Corbin Quinn and Danny Reilly, have created a suit that not enables them to travel through time but to also bring back items through time and space. In the first issue, Danny walks through first and is jolted off the time course by a wayward energy wave. Luckily  the suits come with trackers. Loyal to his friend, Corbin follows after the signal only to get an arrow right into his leg, for he has landed in the middle of a war. In what was a five minute span between Danny jumping and Corbin following, there was a loooong time gap.  This war, which takes place  many hundreds of years ago, has people using jeeps and jet planes…..ugh…something is wrong here.

It turns out that Danny wasn’t in too much danger. He had been using his suit to bring technology into different points in time, establishing absolute power and wealth. In addition, he is dating so many women through time that  he has to keep track of them on a whiteboard. Through it all, he left his tracker on for Corbin to follow him. With NASA urging him to bring Danny back, Corbin has to choose. Ultimate wealth and power or…..?

I read the two issues in less than 10 minutes.

Time travel is my favorite genre to play with. Add in two young hot headed time traveling scientists, and I am hooked. The movie to come also has so much potential for eye candy in the forms of Corbin and Danny ( please let Corbin be Chris Hemsworth, please let him be Chris Hemsworth).

The comic art is amazing. This is my first introduction to the style of Sean Gordon Murphy. What really amused me was how the art is so retro, borderline late 70’s/80s, and the core of the comic is time travel. Nothing about this style is cookie cutter or sterile. Every page is full of energy and movement.

I am so amused by this series! I’m already thinking of potential crossovers with other pop culture time travelers. I bet Corbin and Danny would get along great with Bill and Ted. They seem to share the same energy and penchant for beautiful women. I can imagine Corbin and Danny teasing the 12th Doctor and getting him grumpy. Even though it  ignoring time and screwing up everything was a d*ck move, I already love their personalities. They really are like those hot guys that can get away with anything. This is so different from Black Science series where the dimension traveling is dark,confusing, and hopeless. Chrononauts is more of the immature, lackadaisical attitude of Bill and Ted, Dukes of Hazzard all thrown through time and space.

However,this happy energy may die out soon considering the end of Chrononaust #2. I sense some danger is afoot.


Chrononauts #2 is an Image comic available at your local comic book retailer. Keep an eye for the variant issue L: it’s an homage to Back to the Future!! And another special issue with a Top Gun reference!





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