Buffy the Vampire Slayer Season 10 #14


Cover for Buffy the Vampire Slayer Season 10  14Buffy the Vampire Slayer Season 10 #14 of Season 10 picks up with the team confirming that Spike’s dreams of murder are indeed someone else’s visions. He is, somehow, seeing through the eyes of another creature. A creature that thirsts for blood on a far more dangerous level than normal vampires. Since Spike cannot control the visions himself, Willow and Giles come up with a plan to send someone into his subconscious who can control the path of his dreams and memory. Who is that lucky person? Why none other than the slayer herself: Buffy.

Spike is quite against this idea as he fears what Buffy will see in his mind. After some reassuring, the couple prepare for a journey into darkness. As Spike is sent to sleep by Giles, Willow connects telepathically with Buffy and sends her into Spike’s mind. At first, only recent memories surface; memories that help BUffy understand Spike’s emotional outlook, memories that help her connect with him more than ever before. Then she is pushed backward in time to the point where he received his soul. The excruciating pain astounds her. He went through immense torture just to prove to Buffy that he was turning a new leaf. Buffy struggles to move past the brilliant changes Spike has made. He truly has become a new person.

As she continues on, Buffy finds the “monster” in his mind. She discovers the memories of what he used to be and is shaken to her core. Then, from the darkness, the memory that is not his own surfaces. Relieved, Buffy communicates to Willow that she has found the abnormality and travels the shadow of darkness that is the single connection to whatever creature has embedded violent memories into Spike. At first Buffy is able to control the journey however; when she is abruptly sucked into Drusilla’s memories she and Willow realize that the connection to the monster in Spike’s dreams is entwined with his sire, his sire’s sire and the master of his entire lineage.

Upon passing the Master Buffy lands in a hellish realm where she is greeted by a demon named “Archaeus”. It’s here where Willow and Buffy’s connection is severed. Buffy fights for her life as the team struggles to wake the two in the living world. Finally, Buffy breaks through the demon’s illusion. She and Spike wake to find their friends surrounding them. The slayer explains that the demon she spoke to is located somewhere on the waterfront. As the rest of the team prepares for battle Spike asks about Buffy’s experience in his mind. She assures him that all is well, that the beauty in his mind outweighed the evil. The two smile and arm themselves for a fight.

Sometime later the team is at a warehouse on the water front that does not quite feel like the others. As they search they are faced with an ambush of demonic minions and the master demon Archaeus. A battle ensues. The demon senses that he will not triumph without Spike’s help and he attempts to control the former vampire. At first, it seems Archaeus’s influence is weak when, out of nowhere, Spike goes vampy and madness ensues. I won’t spoil the end but I will tell you that it is VERY interesting.

Buffy Season 10: Issue 14 is available now for purchase so be sure to stop by your nearest comic shop and pick up a copy!


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