‘Transitory Sacrifices of Crisis’- Orphan Black Season 3 Episode 2


Warning: This review contains spoilers and should not be read unless you don’t care about spoilers or are caught up on Orphan Black Season 3.


A few fan favorites made their way back into Orphan Black this week. Cal, Kira’s father, is back and has found a place local to Sarah and has offered to let both her and Kira move in. Sarah is all kinds of torn up over Helena, but is definitely considering the idea of a family with her ex. Cosima continues to heal at a crazy fast rate, surprising her friend and assistant Scott. Team Hendrix is in dire financial straights, but Allison and Donny decided to go into business for themselves…by buying out Allison’s former drug dealer, Ramon. Ramon is headed off to college and with a base of Soccer Moms, Allison has just found a group of soon to be very loyal constituents for her bid in a local election.  Two clones known as Seth and Rudy are under the not-so-watchful care of Paul, who tests them for issues. Seth is starting to “glitch” and begins to slowly lose control over his body and mind. Art is back on the force investigating an assault case involving two twins that just happen to be Castor Clones. Sarah speaks with the victim and tries her best to get any information that may lead to Helena’s whereabouts. Helena is being held in a place that looks vaguely like the Middle East under the care of a female Doctor who confirms what we’ve all been wondering: Helena is pregnant.


Cal and Paul’s brief discussion in this episode not only clues us in that Cal knows far more than he’s admitting, but also that he and Paul seem to know each other. Their casual way of speaking, even at gun point, shows a familiarity that is unsettling. It makes it even more terrifying that Sarah is trusting Kira in Cal’s care, his daughter or not. Speaking of unsettling, that large black scorpion Helena talks to isn’t even real. Is she glitching or just crazy?


Okay, is it just me or is Orphan Black getting a bit touchy on the female sexual violence here? Last season it was all about impregnating women like they were farm animals. This season, a woman is sexually assaulted by two clones and the only explanation we get is that because she consented to sex with the first man all the police can do is call the case assault. Um, how about no. How about these two male clones are batshit crazy violent and need to be stopped right away, Detective Bell. I found myself disgusted within the first five minutes of this episode and wanted to strangle half the people involved. I’d really like it if popular television stopped using rape as a plot device against women and started getting more creative with their ways of showing someone is evil.

Orphan Black has never been an easy show to watch, but the rabbit hole just seems to be getting darker and darker the farther the viewer travels in this show.




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