Fiendship is Magic #4- Nightmare Moon



In the penultimate issue of Fiendship is Magic we see one of the earliest battles between Princess Celestia and Nightmare Moon. Nightmare Moon has been banished to the moon and discovers where all of the ponies’ dreams are created. She tricks one of the dream creators into helping her by pretending to be a friend. When she can’t invade Celestia’s dreams she begins to invade the citizens of Equestria’sdreams. Celestia uses her magic to fix the dreams but realizes she must face Nightmare Moon in her own dreams to stop her.

This story was interesting to see how Nightmare Moon got access to the ponies’ dreams. Aside from that, the issue was kind of a disappointment. I was hoping to learn more about how Princess Luna transformed into Nightmare Moon since it was only briefly addressed in the series. I feel like this series could really be used as more origin stories.

Check this issue out to get some more insight into your favorite My Little Pony villains.


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