Titan Comics Launches ‘Sally of the Wasteland’ Art Contest

Sally of the Wasteland is known for it’s Grindhouse style and post-apocalyptic Louisiana flair. Now, Titan Comics has started a contest for aspiring artist to honor this crazy comic. The series is done by Victor Gishler and Tazio Bettin. Titan Comics is offering you a chance to have your artwork promoted and win an original piece of the comic art work in the process.
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Here’s the details on how to enter:
Sally Of The Wasteland ​follows​ the Grind-house Glamor Girl of post-Apocalyptic Louisiana as she battles her way through mutant monsters, crawgators and cannibal pirates in a crazed monsoon of madness!
To enter, artists must send in a piece of art that reflects post-apocalyptic world of Sally Of The Wasteland, and inspired by the tone of the series and its characters.

The top three entries will be judged by the Titan editorial team, and will receive the following:

1st Prize – Original artwork featuring a Sally of The Wasteland character by Tazio Bettin

Two runners-up – Sally Of The Wasteland hardcover signed by the creative team

To enter, send your entries to [email protected]com by the closing date of May 21, 2015.

For more details on the competition, terms and conditions ​ and information about ​Sally Of The Wasteland visit Titan Comics Tumblr:



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