Fiendship is Magic #5- Queen Chrysalis



In this issue Twilight Sparkle and her friends go to visit the prison where Queen Chrysalis is being held with her minions. While visiting her they recount the stories of her conquests including the fall of Timbucktu, the Siege on Trot, her escape from the volcano prison and her origin story. She asks Twilight for a book as a small comfort and is able to trick the ponies into letting her go free.

This was actually a fun issue since there were mini stories that added up the larger story. Readers are able to get a multidimensional picture of Chrysalis and what she has done. I enjoyed the part where she had tricked the King of Trot with a Trojan horse and had previously pretended to be his fiancé. The issue was left open ended so one can assume that it’s going to be leading into the next story arch for the main Friendship is Magic series.

For a fun and insightful look at the last of the Fiendship is Magic villains and lead up to the next story arc check out the latest issue.


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