EForb’s Gamebox Platform Supports Double-Click for Publishers


Eforb Gamebox ScreenEforb (http://eforbgames.com) announced today that Gamebox now supports Google DoubleClick for Publishers (DFP). This will allow for ad campaign automation and transparency for game developers and website owners. Gamebox game distribution is designed to help game developers publish globally and make money from their games, and for website owners to earn money from dedicated game pages. As such, Gamebox serves as a bridge between website owners, game developers, and ad providers. Their internal data shows a high engagement among website visitors with Gamebox games, resulting an a 30-40% increase in ad revenue and a 20% increase in user retention. They write,

Eforb initially launched Gamebox in December 2014, and the publishing platform has already achieved success in Eastern Europe on Ukrainian major websites, such as obozrevatel.com, gazeta.ua, korrespondent.net, and bigmir.net, reaching more than 15 million visitors., and they look forward to increasing this spread.

To learn more about Gamebox, visit http://eforbgames.com.


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