‘Formalized, Complex and Costly’ or Should Stop Doing Illegal Things in Felix’s Apartment this Season on ‘Orphan Black’


Warning Clone Club, Spoilers a plenty in the review below:


The Castor Clones left a mess in Felix’s hallway last week, and now Felix and Sarah have to clean it up. Ditching the Castor clone, Seth, in Felix’s bathtub the two set off to clean up all the blood and figure out what to do with the body. Of course, Detective Art Bell chooses that exact time to show up. Felix offers excuses through the door of being violently ill, and Sarah attempts to rearrange furniture to hide blood splatter. Of course, Art comes in anyway and struggles over whether or not to call the cops. Gracie and Castor Clone Mark get to finally do the down and dirty thing now that they are husband and wife. Of course, Mark has to ruin the moment by explaining to Gracie that he may have gotten her away from her crazy family but they will still have to deal with his. With some new information, Gracie goes to a friend of her father’s, to try and find the original Castor DNA sequence Mark is after.

Cosima and Scott visit the body at Felix’s apartment and remove the brain of the Castor Clone to find out what went wrong and check out his DNA. At Castor Clone camp, Helena shows no sympathy to Paul or the surviving clones and pantomimes killing them all while safely in her cell. Allison’s bid for election is going well, as is her and Donnie’s growing “soap” business.  Allison is confronted by her opponent, who offers to help them move to a bigger house in a different school district, but Allison blows her off and tells her to “go sell a house.” Art and Sarah receive a tip that Mark and Gracie have been seen and they drive to the OB3_EP303_D11_OCT28_SW_0133-190x130location. Along the way, Art beats himself up over not knowing Beth Childs would kill herself and calls Sarah her sister. He plays the two manage to see the same person Gracie has, just before Mark returns to finish the job. Meanwhile, Rachel Duncan continues to try and rebuild her vocabulary after her pencil-lobotomy and is told that to the outside world she has “died in a plane crash,” not unlike the cover up for Dr. Leekie last season. We also discover something truly twisted in this episode: The original Leda and Castor clones were siblings, making all the clones so far related.

Oh how deep the rabbit hole goes. We finally got to see a bit more into the workings of Gracie and Mark and also see that Gracie isn’t just an innocent child who cannot tell a lie. Mark and she share genuine affection, and anytime that happens watching Orphan Black I get the “oh no” feeling and begin to feel bad for the couple in question. I mean, come on, does no one get a moment of happiness in this show? Not even Felix gets to keep his morgue attendant boy who always seemed to be in the apartment when the cops showed up. And that’s another point; Felix’s apartment is incredibly easy to break into and even easier to push the door back when you’re authorities. Why on earth would the Leda clones keep doing illegal and semi-illegal things in this apartment? My inaccuracy meter did go off the chart when Cosima pulled the brain out of Castor Clone’s body, but I will admit with the recent popularity of iZombie pretty much all we’re going to get is jello brains for a while. A medical examiner would lose their collective neurons over this.

Allison’s fledgling business is hilarious and soap is, as Donnie puts it, “the perfect cover.” Her sequence telling off Marcie as a “second rate real estate agent” and telling her to “go sell a house” had me rolling with laughter. Allison’s characters continues to be hilarious, although she seems so far from the plot this season. Cosima is always involved because of her science skills, Sarah is a major plot pusher and Helena is the subject of rescue, but Allison seems to be suffering her suburban hell with style outside of the circle. Still, she does get more play than Rachel Duncan, who is now less fiesty powersuit queen and more hidden secret.



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