Free Comic Book Day Gathers Comic Fans



Today is a momentous day for comic book lovers across the nation, Free Comic Book Day! Readers all over the nation are flocking to their local shops to get their hands on freebies. Many stores had appearances from artists and other professionals from the industry. Since I was visiting family in Southern California, I visited Comics Toons N’ Toys in Tustin. I didn’t arrive until noon and the lines were wrapped around the building. The store was playing host to a number of artists, a food truck as well as a 20% off sale on back issues.

Since I was stuck in line for the foreseeable future I took a monument to talk to my fellow Fangirls in line about why they come out to an event like free comic book day.

“I like to see how people dress and the event and the comics. I get to meet new people who have the same interest as I do.” Says Sunni, one of the attendees in line.

“I come because it is just a really fun event and people dress up. I usually dress up but it’s too hot. This comic book store goes all out. It’s the national comic book holiday.” Adds Kayla, another attendee who has been attending for the last four years.

After waiting for two hours in the California sun it was my turn to pick out my 5 comics. I scored the last Bob’s Burger! They also gave out nifty stickers. Afterwards I visited the artists outside. I fell in love with a Rocket and Groot print that needed to come home with me.

If you missed today’s event don’t worry Free Comic Book Day is the first Saturday in May every year!


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