“Well, That’s Just, Like Your Opinion Man” : ‘Fan Phenomena: The Big Lebowski’


9781783202027The Big Lebowski is one of those rare creations that flops at the box office, has only 117 minutes and yet somehow becomes one of the most quoted movies of all time. The film has created countless fan newspapers, conventions, live Shakespearean performances and a religion. In the new collection Fan Phenomena: The Big Lebowski, editor Zachary Ingle compiles fan interviews, photos and a series of academic-style articles on the true power of the Big Lebowski.

The book covers the fan creations that continue, including live performances of The Two Gentlemen of Lebowski– a Shakespearean adaptation of the film- and fan created items and how their longevity spreads them through the community. One article focuses on the gender focuses in the film and others on the quotability of the film and it’s spread through quotation.  The book even discusses the fact that Dudeism is spreading as a religion.

Fan Phenomena: The Big Lebowskiis a bit like a child between Maude and The Dude; the writing is high-brow, but the subject matter focuses on a laid back subject matter. The book is definitely worth a read through.

Fan Phenomena: The Big Lebowskii is now available from Intellect Books.


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