Review: Birthright #5-#6


Cover for Birthright #6This reviewer has been catching up on all the comics since attending Wondercon. It has been glorious with bursts of freak-outs because I have been missing out on some major story developments on my favorite comics.

My last review in this series was Birthright #4 (which can be found here). The next two issues that answered some questions and brought a heck of lot more to mind. This story is just getting more and more epic.

I do have to say that Lore is the scariest freaking Evil king I have ever seen. That one page panel freaked me out so bad that I had to close my eyes and breathe.  There are maggots coming out of that lower lip. And…ew creepy and intense.

There is a strange side effect of reading this comic after watching Age of Ultron is that adult Mikey has the voice of Thor in my head.This of course spawns the strong desire for Chris Hemsworth to be given the role of Mikey if this comic is ever optioned for a movie–and it should because there are so many amazing elements that I would love to see on screen. Let’s keep the public’s appetite for fantasy/comic book movies going!

At the end of issue #4, Ward donned his actual form and was pretty intense looking. Then a pretty large battle ensued with Mikey struggling without his sword. As his brother, Brennan, runs off to get supplies to help, Ward lets his guard down, realizing that Mikey did not come back to this realm alone. That moment might have ended well, but the brother comes back, and the dying Ward hands Brennan a gift of seeing the truth.

Their father had become injured during the fight and in a very questionable decision, distracts the police enough to allow Brennan and Mikey to run off into the woods. There are still other targets for Mikey, and Brennan is along for the journey.

Even from the perspective of the reader, having the dad “stall” the cops seems like a weird tactic. His burns were serious, but if he had the car, he could have just driven to the nearest hospital. The brothers could have chucked that phone into the fire. People would probably assume that they had perished in the fire. That would have stalled them until they realized there was only one body on the field. Or two. I am not sure whatever happened to that cat that Ward was caring for.

Or maybe there is a perimeter effect of being near Mikey as he’s infected with Lore. Lore may have the ability to indirectly influence the decisions of those around Mikey. Once the father steps away from Mikey and is surrounded by humans at the police station, he sees his shattered reflection and seems to realize that he may have made a bad mistake in letting his two children wander around the woods without any means of survival. Older Mikey may be this hulking tank but he still his child.

There were some definite flinch-worthy panels. When Mikey lures the bear into submission he quickly stabs it through the head, much to the horror o Brennan. This is echoes a flashback in the issue when young Mikey witnessed the same scenario. Young Mikey loudly and tearfully proclaimed that he will never stoop to such actions, no one can make him. How horrific was his time during Terranos that he was able to change so much? What did he go through?

I am still wondering who Ward was. He still didn’t seem very evil. He even hesitated in mid-battle to talk and try to help Mikey. Unless it’s because of his druid like power that he’s evil? Having the power to grow trees isn’t really a traditional “evil” power. The actions of what he did with the trees is pretty intense but he was defending himself.

Also, are teenagers saying ‘rad’ now? is that a thing?

Birthright is not slowing down. Gear down for some intense epic comic book reading. The first volume of Birthright (Issues #1-#5) is available now.Issue #6 is available at your local comic book retailer. This is a very popular series, so I suggest putting this on your pull list.


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