Getting Over a Breakup: Disney Style


As children we thrive for happy endings and wish upon stars. Sometimes, life isn’t as sugar coated as we imagined when we were younger. Sometimes, life just sucks; like mistaking Hans for Prince Charming. I recently have found myself in the midst of a tough breakup and decided, what better way to pick myself up than visiting The Happiest Place on Earth.

1The most important rule of dealing with any breakup is to surround yourself with awesome people that will make you laugh and smile. Caitlyn is one of my amazing friends, who without warning threw together a Han Solo/Leia outfit and joined me on my mission. Together, we made sure to hit all the spots for every heartbroken princess/prince to visit in Disneyland.





Deciding I wanted to make a wish, we headed over to Snow White’s wishing well. As luck would have it, we stumbled across Fairy Godmother and she was there with open arms for the most  wonderful hug.


Part 1 of our day was to get some breakup advice from some amazing ladies. We were able to find Cinderella, Snow, and Aurora in Fantasy Land at the Royal Hall. Cinderella let it slip that when she’s feeling down, she loves to indulge in a little retail therapy and explained that shoes can chase away sorrow.


Snow White consoled me as she spouted some AMAZING advice, “You’re the only one that can fill your life with sunshine. Don’t let the Grumpy grumps get you down.”

3 (1)

Aurora explained that sometimes we just need to relax and take a nap. After catching a few Z’s with our favorite sleeping beauty, she added, “Your once upon a dream will come alive.”

4 (1)

We headed on our way with a gentle wave and crossed the bridge to Pixie Hollow to find our favorite fairy. Tinkerbell announced as we came into view, “You messed up on your buns, its only one, on top.” She smirked and laughed. When asked her advice on dealing with a breakup, she got a few cheers when she stated, “I don’t need any man, no Captain Hook or Peter Pan. Be yourself, don’t pout, and be independent. “


I couldn’t help but smile as we jumped parks, to get the one thing I had been craving all day and to start the next phase of our plan: a scrumptious, drool worthy sundae from Ghirardelli on the Wharf in Disney California Adventure. Why enjoy some regular, bland everyday ice cream when you can pick something off an amazing menu? They alone have like ten sundaes to choose from, not to mention shakes, single or double scoop cones. You cannot go wrong!


The break of eating ice-cream had allowed my mind to come back around to the current situation of my heart. Knowing we didn’t want to completely lose momentum, we decided the best action was to hit a few rides that would make it impossible to think of anything else but fun. We stopped first at Toy Story Mania to battle it off in a carnival like setting. The best thing is you are basically shooting or breaking plates, so it doubles as therapy on the side. Then we headed over to Tower of Terror for a quick elevator ride. It’s hard to get sad when you’re being dropped repeatedly. Instead of letting me dwell while we were in line, we used the time to plan an awesome themed photo for the ride.


As the sun started to dip and we made our way down Buena Vista Street, I couldn’t help think I had forgotten something. I was feeling better and we had made incredible memories, but something was off. We turned the corner, passed the statute of Walt, and then it hit me. WALT! How could I think about getting over a break up in Disney style and not ask the man who created it all?



Of course he didn’t answer (I’m heartbroken, not crazy). But it didn’t matter; I knew what he would say: “The more you like yourself, the less you are like anyone else, which makes you unique.”


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