The Mormont Way is Scary in “Kill the Boy”- ‘Game of Thrones’ Season 5 Episode 5


Lot’s of Spoilers Below, so proceed with caution…unlike Jorah Mormont.


When we last saw Grey Worm, it looked like he wasn’t going to make it. In good news, he’s alive and breathing. In bad news, Barristan the Bold isn’t. Danaerys isn’t taking this too well and is showing her Mad King roots in this episode, gathering all the heads of the noble families in Meereen for some special time with her dragons. This also includes one of her advisers and a pretty big no mercy principle.  Master Aemon is back at the Night’s Watch distraught that he cannot help his only living relative in her struggle. He emphasizes that a Targaryen alone is a dangerous thing.  Jon Snow talks briefly about his plan that will likely divide the Night’s Watch in two, before enacting it by going to speak to the new leader of the Wildlings. He informs the leader that he doesn’t want them to kneel for him, but wants them to fight alongside him when the White Walkers come. The leader agrees, but insists Jon Snow come with him to tell the other Wildings as they won’t get on a ship if they think it’s going to be torched the second they leave the harbor. Jon’s assistant is a child who watched his entire family be slaughtered by the Wildings so he’s pretty much a complete nope to Jon Snow’s plan.


Brienne of Tarth is in Winterfell and trying to get to Sansa. Ramsay Bolton and Myranda are still an item, but only just. Myranda is losing her mind because Sansa gets to marry Ramsay, but she has to play second fiddle to a Stark because of her lower birth. Ramsay is still completely insane and threatens Myranda with violence if she gets “boring.” Myranda’s attempts to get buddy-buddy with Sansa are painfully creepy, especially when she grabs Sansa’s arm to look at the stitching on her dress. She convinces Sansa to go into the kennels, where Sansa discovers Theon Greyjoy aka Reek. At dinner, it’s officially toasted so the Bolton/Stark wedding is still on. When Lady Bolton makes a comment about Winterfell being a strange place, Sansa quickly references strange people and says that this place is her home. Ramsay tries to make it more familiar and has Theon bring in the wine. Never one to be one upped, Lord Bolton declares that he and Lady Bolton are having a child and all signs point to it being a boy, meaning Ramsay is screwed and Sansa is in more danger than previously expected. Ramsay begins to lose his mind over it.

Lord  Stannis and the crew begin rolling out to take what is theirs. His daughter yet again proves that she’s totally awesome by being the only one not really afraid of battle. Back in Meereen, Grey Worm admits he was not afraid of death but rather that he would never get to see Dany’s translator again.  Love is in the air, evidently, because Mama O’ Dragons tells her adviser friend (the one she threatened with dragons) that she will reopen the fighting pits and that he is going to marry her. 


Tyrion wants his hands free and is frustrated by the lack of wine on his sea voyage with Mormont. He expresses that “long sullen silences and the occasional punch in the face,” is the “Mormont way. ” Jorah Mormont decides to take a short cut through Valyria, even though it is filled with people suffering from Grey Scale.  Mormont and Tyrion reveal some insight into the history of the Valyrians and their destruction. In short, the Valyrians were the best at everything, except not dying. Tyrion’s has his first dragon sighting before the two are attacked by the George Romero Zombie-like  Stone Men. All is well and good until we figure out that Mormont has not left the encounter entirely unscathed.

If you were looking for more Lannisters or Tyrells in this episode, you will be sorely disappointed. If you want to know that latest in Arya’s story line, this week was not it. Stannis and Sansa continue to be just a shade past boring. There is no Jamie Lannister buddy comedy and most of the episode frankly feels like a stepping stone for the creepy/crazy factors of characters we used to love. Mother of Dragons, what the heck is wrong with you?




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