Girl Meets World Back for Season 2


girl-meets-world-logo-700x450Boy Meets World fans were skeptic at the idea of a spin off almost two years ago, but yesterday marked a beautiful start for Season Two. To start the season off right, Disney is airing a brand new episode every night this week. That means, you don’t get to only see the gang once this week, but FIVE TIMES. I REPEAT FIVE (hopefully) GLORIOUS EPISODES! Not to mention, being one to have taken a few sneak peeks at previews for this week, Boy Meets World Fans are in for BIG TREATS!!!

Tonight’s episode, “Girl Meets Gravity,” finds Riley (daughter of Cory and Topanga) starting a new school year and praying for a new teacher. Right off the back, Boy Meets World fans were handed a wonderfully crafted joke about the troubles one faces when they have the same teacher following them through school. Topanga said it best, “OH NO! We did that, we had Mr. Feeney from sixth grade to college.” When addressing her daughters concerns at the idea she might have her father (Cory) again for a teacher.

At first Riley and Maya enjoy their new teacher, before scaring him off and then quickly thrown into a world of crazy. While, the girls try to figure out that the world might not revolve around them, we get another peek at the Ukraine Bakery Lady that stole ours and Auggie’s heart (the youngest of the Matthew children) in the first season.

Lately, Topanga has taken a back seat in many of the episodes in season one, and fans (including me) were not happy. While this show is able to stand on its own two feet, it would be illogical to discard what Boy Meets World fans loved. And let’s not lie, WE LOVE TOPANGA! That is why, I am hoping tonight was a hint that we can expect to see her more. In tonight’s episode Topanga gets an offer that is beyond tempting.  Will she leave the ocean of shark lawyers for your sweet, humble slightly losing its touch bakery?

While this episode was a little touch and go at times, especially with the horrible, random Riley monologue (that eventually does make sense), it was a great start for what is about to come.  It also never helps, to throw in a little Feeny; who we can expect to see in another episode this week. Along with our favorite, misunderstood brother, Eric, who will be staring in his own episode of “Girl Meets Mr. Squirrels” this Friday.


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