Lantern City #1 is a Must-Read


Lantern City #1 Cover B

Lantern City #1 Cover B

Lantern City #1 is Archaia’s largest print launch today, Wednesday May 13th 2015, with 10,000 copies scheduled. It’s also the first ongoing series from Archaia since 2007. a 12 issues order there’s a lot of faith in the world being created. In fact, Lantern City is the second of at least three releases from the world created by Trevor Crafts, Matthew Daley and Bruce Boxleintner. The first, a graphic novel titled Rise, is set years before our comic and told from the upper echelons of rank within the city. Because of this, Lantern City already has a solid fan base to begin its epic tale – that’s a lot to live up to. A television series is also already in the works. But if you’re new, like me, what is Lantern City all about?

Protagonist Sander Jorve is just trying to support his family in the lowest caste of Lantern City. Struggling to survive his wife, Karla, begs Sander to join with her brother Kendal a leader with the people and a rebel to the hierarchy. It takes a cut of his family’s food rations from an altercation in which he had no fault, in order to see the options available to him with Kendal.

The most important thing to understand about Lantern City is “…the actions of one are the actions of all”. Meeting illegally, the people rally in talks of riot against the guards, puppets for The Greys who keep the people protected from the world outside the walls they built. Though a quick succession of panic and violence the rally is broken and Sander runs with Kendal in hopes of escaping retribution. Finally, we find ourselves at the premise of our tale. Having taken out a captain of the guard, Sander, takes on his before the murder is discovered to work on bringing the system down from the inside.

Written by Paul Jenkins and Daley the story being built is fantastic. it’s detailed without being overwhelming. The character dialog paired with the inflection from our main character carries me through the pages with ease. The fact that they have had so much time to build a universe shows in this first issue. You can hear the struggle with your identity and your destiny. Jenkins and Daley, with guidance from Crafts, are building something epic.

Illustrator Carlos Magno brings the pages to life with his amazing detail. People are unique and defined. Actions have weight and presence. Just like our main character you feel trapped within this alternate reality, picking fruit for the privileged people above while you struggle in the industrial underbelly of society. Colorist Chris Blythe compliments Magno’s lines with the effect of blues and light. This isn’t just a comic, but an experience.

For me Lantern City is a MUST going forward. But, as a reader, be prepared for a serious commitment. You’re going to want to read the novel and hover over any news on the production of the upcoming series. Be sure to pick up your issue and begin your descent into Lantern City.

Lantern City #1 is available today from Archaia.

Lantern City #1 (Boom/Archaia)
Created by: Trevor Crafts, Matthew Daley & Bruce Boxleitner
Writers: Paul Jenkins, Matthew Daley
Illustrator: Carlos Magno

For further reading:

Rise (A Lantern City Illustrated Novel) is available on Amazon; on Powell’s


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