Mantle #1: What is Happening?


Mantle01_CoverA“WHAT IS HAPPENING?” That was my reaction as I flipped through the pages of this intense comic. Before I dive into the need to knows of this slightly confusing, slightly intriguing comic, I just want to state that I love the art work from Brian Level and the colors from Jordan Boyd. They are just so amazing and really make this story come alive, even if the writing is a little off.

We begin on this wild journey, following a drunk/high couple leaving a bar. Jen and Robbie are interesting to start off and I am instantly drawn in. Without any hinting, it was clear that Robbie was going to be the one to star in the plot. My favorite moment is right in the beginning, when he starts to see an arrange of different colors. (IT IS SO BEAUTIFUL. I want to frame it!)

While Robbie is freaking out at the colors that are working their way towards him, Jen brushes it off as the shrooms taking hold. However, we quickly jump to him waking up in his house, surrounded by three new characters. Again, I love the character building in this comic and while, the plot lacks a little, I instantly love these characters. Robbie and Jen come to find out that he has been chosen to be the next Mantle, a super hero with the power to….will it to happen. Yes, you read right. His power is basically whatever he thinks and wills to happen, will happen. I love that it leaves it open for possibilities, but might be a little to open for my tastes. Especially when the three strangers who are here to guide him through his new powers, are more restricted in what they can do. Shadow can telaport through darkness, Kabrah is a strong-woman and genius, while Necra communicate with the dead.

Everything happens so quick, and while I love the sarcastic brush over of “You’re a super hero, you will save the world,” I felt like I was missing some information. For example, the bad guy Plague. He is mentioned a few times in passing and then the next thing I know, BAM he’s out to get Robbie.

I still don’t really understand what happened next, because everything the plot had set up,  is ripped apart in two pages. Leaving me to again ask,”WHAT IS HAPPENING?!” While, I was left feeling confused and utterly dumbfounded, I will say I am interested to see where this is going. Could this be one of the very few comics to beat their drum to a different beat?


The Mantle #1 is now available from Image Comics.


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