Southern Cross #3


SouthernCross03_Cover I was hooked in Southern Cross #2, but in this edition, I find myself falling further down the rabbit hole. Usually I am not a big sci-fi fan or horror fan, but the way that Becky Cloonan(story/cover), Andy Belanger (art), and Lee Loughridge (colors) work together, makes this a story, I can’t put down. The art and colors are so well combined that I feel as if I am transported into the story.

Alex Braith is just starting to realize that the task of figuring out her sister’s death, is not going to be as easy as she imagined. Not to mention, she is still trying to figure out what happened to her missing roommate. While Braith comes to the conclusion that there may be more puzzle pieces than she first thought, her instincts are telling her they will all connect. She just has to figure out how.

Lucky for her in Southern Cross #3, she finally is rewarded with some details about what happened to the man in Room 17. Was it suicide? Or could it be another murder to add to the growing pile? With each new puzzle piece comes a thousand questions.

My favorite part had to come down to the different side we see of the captain. While Alex Braith is a strong, lead character and we get a great sense of who she is, her drive, and situation; other characters have not been as well developed. That all changes in this chapter of the story, as we see a more sensitive side from the distant captain. Towards the last scenes of the story with Captain and Braith, my speculations were going crazy. Are they? Is he good or bad? Is that a hint towards something more?

However, it wouldn’t be Southern Cross if it left us on a calm note and once again on the last page, we were thrown another curve ball. They find Amber, the missing roommate as she delivers a ominous message.

Southern Cross #3 is available now from Image Comics.



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