Arrow Season 3 Finale: My Name is Oliver Queen


Arrow PosterJust thinking back to last nights episode make’s my heart flutter all over again. Arrow is no newbie when it comes to drama or action packed scenes. This season stepped up its game when it came to drama between Captain Lance and his daughter Laurel, Felicity and Oliver, Felicity and Ray, Felicity and Meryln, Shadow and Maseo, and then there was the time where everyone hated Oliver. It was hard to keep track of who liked who in this season, but after watching the ending, I’m perfectly fine with having been put through the constant roller coaster that was Arrow Season 3.

(SPOILERS BELOW! I’ll try my best to keep it to a minimum.)

Before the season finale, fans found themselves questioning if Ollie could be trusted or if he had gone over to The League of Assassins for good. There is no longer any need to speculate because all the answers we were wanting for, were beautiful crafted in last nights episode. Not to mention, FANS WILL FINALLY GET WHAT WE WANTED! Sure watching the hot scene between Felicity and Oliver, made us swoon but that wasn’t all we wanted. We wanted to see them happy and together.

With most season finales fans are left a little uneasy on how they feel about certain situations, but I feel like every character ended up where they belonged. Not to mention, this episode sets it up for a spin-off that I am very hopeful will be heading our way by next season. (How can they not with such success with Arrow and Flash?!) Speaking of Flash, he makes a quick appearance before heading back off to deal with Dr. Wells in the beginning of the episode and it was overall, perfection. Barry Allen is always a treat in Arrow to relieve some tension and add a little of his youthful attitude.

Not only did we get a peak at what could be an amazing spin-off set up, but we also get our first glance into perhaps a new superhero heading our way. ¬†As well, as an idea of who might step up next to fill the villain’s shoes. Again I restate that last nights episode was everything we needed, wanted, and dreamed about. Arrow’s season finale leaves fans with a lot of questions, but also a clean slate for the writers to create some new, exciting plots by fall. Personally, this was the best season by far and a amazing season finale. Props to all involved and I can’t wait for next fall.



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