Mistress of Death Review: Monster Hunters


cover63995-mediumDo you watch Ghost Adventures with secret glee? Have you contemplated the existence of Big Foot, the Jersey Devil or the Mothman? Do undiscovered lake monsters interest you? In Tea Krulos’ new book, Monster Hunters, readers get to go behind the scenes of what it takes to research these mysteries. Krulos goes out with ghost hunters, discusses classes on cryptozoology and visits museums dedicated to the weird.  Krulos also touches on the most horrifying part of all hunts for the unknown: human squabbles within the field of paranormal research.

What I love about Tea Krulos’ writing style is that he doesn’t flat out declare something is real, but he doesn’t go full skeptic either. He provides different statements and evidence and lets the reader decide. This means the hardcore Bigfoot Hunters, Ghost Hunters and complete Skeptics can read through this book without being so angry they throw the book across the wall.  He also covers events such as the Mothman Festival in Point Pleasant and group camping trips to find the lake monster Champ, so that readers get a sense of the comraderies and not just the discord.

Monster Hunters is a fun read, but I will admit that reading about Mothman in the middle of the night while home alone was probably a bad call on my part.

Monster Hunters is available now from Chicago Review Press.


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