Regal Con 2015: It’s All About the Fans


I love Once Upon A Time and so I had to jump at the chance at going to Regal Con. It was a little tough at times: with staff running out of programs, panels (other then Q &A) a little lackluster, and very little signage of where things were happening, but they redeemed all that by putting the focus on what is really important, THE FANS!

Fans lining up for autographs

Fans lining up for autographs

Regal Con stood out from most of the overpopulated conventions, because it honed on what fans were really wanting: A chance to hang out with their favorite characters from Storybook. On Friday and Saturday night, two events were held where fans could rub elbows with stars like  Emilie de Ravin (Belle), Sean Maguire (Robin Hood), Rebecca Mader (Zelena), and many more. On Sunday, fans were raving about the dance party the night before because they really got a chance to connect with some of their favorites.

During the day, people would pile in for the Q & A’s (which is understandable), but that was really the only excitement one could look forward to. However, both panels were filled with wonderful moments, that left you wanting it to never end. Here is a quick review:

* Rebecca Mader, Sean Maguire, and Emilie de Ravin should always do panels together because the way they fed off each other gave fans a boost of excitement. When asked what their favorite moment at the convention, Sean Maguire didn’t skip a beat to address that “actors like to be told they are great at things.” This quickly became the running joke throughout the rest of the questions, leaving Emilie de Ravin and Rebecca Mader to remind him how awesome he was, constantly.

* I was never a big Zelena fan, but sign me up for a one trip ticket to the ride that is Rebecca Mader. Her personality sparkled throughout the convention and never let the fans forget how much she loves to play wicked. When asked if she wanted to get “Lost” again, she replied without a pause. “NO! I want to be the Wicked Witch. Lost is a great show, but it is not as epic as flying on a broom stick.”

* There was some amazing speculation over what Robin Hood and Zelena’s child would look like. After a good debate, it was settled what they would have a baby “sarcastic Shrek on a broomstick.”

While the three were amazing, my favorite moments came from the second panel with such stars as Faustino Di Bauda, Beverly Elliot, Michael Coleman, and Gil McKinney. I have never wanted a musical episode more than I did during this panel. I was so in aww of what was happening before my eyes, I completely forgot what the question was that started it all.

After discussing a little about how most the actors have a musical background, Gil McKinney (Prince Eric), decided to woo the crowd with a little song. As he started off slowly with a few lines of Part of Your World, he soon took stage as he stood up and belted the song almost to completion. Before he finished the last note, he was rewarded with a standing ovation.

Following him, was Beverly Elliot who plays Granny, singing an original song from her band August. Here is the song, it is just too good not to post. (Sadly we couldn’t film when it happened, so I searched the bands website) WARNING! This song will be stuck in your head for days. I am still signing it now.

During some downtime, I decided to check in with a few fans and do some cosplay hunting. Everyone I met was amazing and the outfits were to die for. Here are a few fans that were so kind enough to take a breather and pose.

Dressed as our favorite Evil Queen, Regina

Dressed as our favorite Evil Queen, Regina

Dressed as Maid Marian

Dressed as Maid Marian

Dressed as our one and only, Dark Lord.

Dressed as our one and only, Dark Lord.

Dressed as Red, Rachel explained she chose this character because "Red is bad ass."

Dressed as Red, Rachel explained she chose this character because “Red is bad ass.”

Jenna, sporting a different style to Regina, exclaimed, "I love her outfit choices, so elegant!"

Jenna, sporting a different style to Regina, exclaimed, “I love her outfit choices, so elegant!”

As the fans started to line up for a chance for autographs, I took the time to ask a few questions.

Are you Team Villains or Heroes?

“Who is on which team?” -Jayne (So TRUE!)

Why do you watch Once Upon a Time?

“It makes you think that there is always something behind every action people do.” -Jen

“So exciting, I just can’t stop tuning in.” -Jenna

Have you learned anything from the show?

“Don’t let labels define you.” – Beatriz

“It is a show about hope. It made me see the world in a more positive light.” -Lora

When it was all said and done, Regal Con came to a close with airing the two hour season finale. While, I headed home with new friends, marvelous memories, and a need for more Once Upon a Time conventions.



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