Retro Review: It Came!


00_IT_CAME_COLLECTION_web.jpg.size-600It Came!, originally released as an anthology in March 2014 by Titan Comics and created by Dan Boultwood, tells the story of Dr. Boy Brett and his companion Doris Night as they unearth a dastardly plot against England from extra terrestrial forces. With little help from the government and local townsfolk, mostly due to their swift capture from the alien invaders, Brett and Doris find that the fiends are collecting that which is most important to the British people. Can they defeat these unearthly creatures in time to save them all?

One of my favorite pieces of It Came! Is the advertisements for products and other “movies” with the same “actors” as It Came! Located at the beginning of the collection the ads mock and parody the B-Movie generation of Ed Wood and negative male/female stereotypes. My favorite was their Johnny Foreigner oil, promising that it was made with, “real foreigners.” It gives a feeling of delightful silliness that follows you throughout the collection. One also can’t help but wish for a Nuka Cola while reading.

My biggest issue with the collection is the uncertain voice that Dan Boultwood is trying to display. He is very obvious in his parody of the period, in addition to identifying and harpooning different tropes. However, I feel like he’s uncommitted to how aware his characters are. Dr. Boy Brett is committed to dismissing and belittling Doris on their adventure despite her obvious wins for the team against their foe. Doris, however, has brief panels where she seems aware of the misogyny of Brett and begins to call him out, only to step back into character. While never crossing the line to being offensive, it still entertains throughout the collection.


Despite some uncertain footing in tone, It Came! is a parody done right. Fans of Mystery Science Theatre 3000 will be more than please with a new face in mock-umentary.  It Came! is available now from Titan Comics. You can find it here.


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