‘The Worrier’s Guide To Life’ is Part Biography, Part Life Manual



If art with witty humor and sarcasm about life as a modern worrying woman is your kind of thing, Gemma Correll is going to knock your socks off. In her book The Worrier’s Guide to Life, Correll uses cutesy drawings to cover horrifying life topics such as anxiety, failed romance and depression. For some, the book will seem like a biography. The rest of the population will be reading it and wondering what is wrong with the rest of us.

The Worrier’s Guide to Laugh is hilarious from page to page. Some of the gems include a Dystopian Zodiac and special reward stickers for doing day to day adult tasks. I don’t know about you, but I need those stickers. One of my personal favorites was Freud’s Conversations Hearts. These include “Neurotic Girl,” “U Remind Me of My Mom” and “Tell Me About Ur Childhood.”  I found myself chuckling out loud to her section on Ye Old Video Games that included “William Burke: Tomb Raider.”

You’ve likely seen Gemma Correll’s work online without really thinking about it. A favorite on IMGfave and Instagram, I’d seen this page from The Worrier’s Guide to Life floating around for sometime: 6425407653_b8d15f8963_z

The Worrier’s Guide to Life is a great reminder that we will all be just fine. Or will we?

The Worrier’s Guide to Life is available May 26, 2015 from Andrews McMeel Publishing and should be purchased immediately.


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