“WHEN DINOSAURS RULED THE EARTH”- ‘Jurassic Park’ Art Show to be Held at Mondo Gallery in Austin, TX

Art by Francesco Francavilla

Art by Francesco Francavilla

What does Austin, TX do best? Really cool art stuff. The Mondo Gallery in Austin Texas is opening a Jurassic Park art show in June. “When Dinosaurs Rules the Earth” is a gallery art show celebrating Jurassic Park and the upcoming Jurassic World (in theaters June 12). The show will feature dozens of contributing artists with original works and screen prints.

The opening reception will be held June 12th, 2015 from 7-10:00pm CST and art will be on display from June 13th-June 27th.

Mondo will be offering a limited pressing of the previously sold out Jurassic Park original soundtrack on Dino DNA Splatter vinyl. They are all pretty excited at Mondo about this art show:

“Hosting an entire gallery exhibit of new Jurassic Park artwork is a dream come true for us. It has been over 20 years since the first film captured the imagination of the entire planet and we hope to recreate some of the wonder and excitement of the franchise with this show,” said Mondo CEO Justin Ismael.

The following artists will be represented at “When Dinosaurs Ruled The Earth” :

Dan Black

Frans Boukas

Becky Cloonan

Sam Wolfe Connelly


Jason Edmiston

James Flames

Francesco Francavilla

Ken Garduno

Nicole Gustafsson

Brandon Holt

Aaron Horkey


Rich Kelly


The Little Friends of Printmaking

Dan McCarthy

Seb Mesnard

Drew Millward

Gary Pullin

Arik Roper

Neal Russler

Tiny Kitten Teeth

Todd Slater

Stan and Vince

Ken Taylor

John Vogl

Teagan White

Erica Williams

NC Winters


Remaining prints and original works will go on sale at MondoTees.com at a future date. Follow @MondoNews for more art reveals and information leading up the show! For more information on the gallery, visit MondoTees.com.


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