Interview: Daniela Baker, Proprietor of Tudor Shoppe and Maker of Replica Jewelry


isc_90x90.8751404964_9wzaHave you been looking for that perfect jewelry piece for your Game of Thrones Cosplay or longing for Lady Mary’s jewelry from Downton Abbey? Tudor Shoppe is a replica jewelry site run out of River Oaks, Texas by Daniela Baker. I’d be lying if I said I haven’t spent hours on her Etsy store drooling over the pieces she’s created. Below, Daniela discusses what prompted her to start creating her own jewelry and her efforts to help all of us be a little bit more like The Duchess of Cambridge.


FGN: What prompted you to start Tudor Shoppe?

Daniela Baker: I started Tudor Shoppe because of my love of the jewelry that I saw on the tv show The Tudors. I wanted to have the jewelry that the ladies wore in the show but I couldn’t find anyone that was selling it online so I decided to teach myself how to make the jewelry. I originally started selling a couple pieces on Etsy and Ebay and found that there were others out there who shared my love of Tudor jewelry as well. So I eventually expanded my line to include other tv shows, movies and celebrities and sold it on various websites which led me to where I am now!

FGN: How long have you been creating jewelry?

Daniela Baker: I’ve been creating jewelry since 2008. It originally started as a part time hobby but has now become a full time job that I love.

FGN: How do you decide which pieces to create? What is your creative process like?

Daniela Baker: I decide on what pieces to create just based on what I personally love. If I see something I like on a tv show, movie or celebrity, I decide to create one and put it out there for others to see as well since I find that a lot of people tend to want the same jewelry that I like to wear. For my creative process, I usually go through the same steps every time. I will find multiple pictures of an item I want to create, I make drawings of how I want my piece to look, I then search for supplies and then build the item. The process can take a matter of a few hours to days depending on how big the project is.

FGN:  What was the first piece you created? Do have a particular piece that is your favorite?


Daniela Baker: The first piece I created and sold was a sapphire ring that was seen on Anne Boleyn in “The Tudors”. I will always remember that piece because I didn’t think anyone would want to buy my jewelry and it sold the first day I had it up for sale! It’s hard to pick a favorite piece since I love everything I make. I think I will always have a special place in my heart for anything that is Tudor related.

FGN: What are the most difficult pieces to make?

Daniela Baker: The most difficult items to make are tiaras and crowns. The amount of time to design them, find supplies and then build them can take up so much time and because they are very large and detailed pieces, it can take me months to make some of them.


FGN: You have made jewelry based on Game of Thrones, Downtown Abbey and The Tudors. Are there any particular shows that you’re looking to add
pieces from?

Daniela Baker: I’m always looking at new shows and movies to make jewelry from so I have quite a few on my list that I want to make. I’m working on pieces currently seen on Reign, Spartacus, Borgias and some more Game of Thrones and Downtown Abbey pieces will be in there too. Plus I always get suggestions from customers on what they would like to see and I try to make what people request as well.


FGN: You also create pieces based on items the Duchess of Cambridge (Kate Middleton) and Hollywood starlets have worn. What prompted you to create these pieces?

Daniela Baker: I decided to make jewelry seen on Kate Middleton because I remember seeing her years ago when she was first being noticed by the media and saw the jewelry she was wearing and I just loved it. It was simple, yet elegant and something that I wanted to have for myself. So I made jewelry that she wore with the intention of just keeping it for myself but I realized that others might want it as well so I decided to offer her jewelry for sale and it has been so much more popular than I ever thought it would be! It’s the same for the Hollywood celebrities as well. I would always make a piece for myself but people would request that I make them to sell so I figured I would!



FGN: Do you take orders for custom pieces?

Daniela Baker: I do custom orders all the time. I will have people send me photos of items from tv shows, movies, celebrities and even just photos of other jewelry that they’ve seen on the internet that isn’t necessarily from a famous person or show that they would like made and I’ll do my best to fulfill their request.

FGN: Do you plan to create pieces other than jewelry in the future?

Daniela Baker: As far as creating pieces other than jewelry in the future, it’s something I’ve thought about doing so you never know what I might come up with one day!

FGN: Where is the best place for our readers to keep up with your latest pieces?

Daniela Baker: The best way for readers to keep up to date on my jewelry is to visit me on Facebook at Tudor Shoppe Jewelry.

For your readers, I would like to offer a coupon code that can be used on anything in my store which will give them 10% off their total purchase. They can use coupon code “FANGIRLNATION” during checkout to receive the discount.

Tudor Shoppe can be found here on Etsy:


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