More Tell Than Show in Reanimator #2


Reanimator 2I’m still not sure how I feel about the Reanimator comics. Reanimator #2 is definitely better than the last one, but it just doesn’t grab me. There doesn’t seem to be anything all that interesting going on.

Part of the problem is the fact that we’re getting a lot of telling instead of showing. Our protagonist, Susan Greene, explains that she feels fear, rage, and is paranoid around Herbert West, but if you didn’t read the barrage of narration boxes in the first two pages, you’d never know it. Also, she keeps referring to West as “The Reanimator.” Yes, he reanimates the dead. Yes, that’s the name of the comic. But it feels weird. I wonder if my friends refer to me as “The Reviewer” when they’re thinking about me. Probably not; normal people call other people by their names.

Anyway, Susan is still wondering what West had to do with her fiance’s murder, but she’s basically got nothing to go on, so on to the next plot point. West needs alligator eggs for his research. Hey, no problem – a quick Google search shows that it’s actually perfectly legal to hunt alligators, and even collect their eggs, so long as you get the right permit and do it in selected areas. However, the writer for the comic seems to be unaware of this fact, and just has West poach what he needs. Susan, for her part, brings up the morality of what they’re doing exactly once, then goes on to help him anyway.

Then stuff happens with the crime syndicates. I still don’t really care about these guys, but at least it gives West an excuse to be a badass and mock the hitman, Samedi, for claiming to have any sort of power over the dead. Also, there’s a revelation toward the end of the comic that I won’t spoil, but that I will say I thought it was fairly ho-hum. Not the major moment I think they were going for.

This comic is okay at best. Not gotta-read-it material, but not terrible. I think the big mistake here has everything to do with Susan Greene. She’s the main character, but she feels really bland. Things happen to her, but she hardly does anything. As I said before, her only real characterizations happen via narration box.

If you’re a die-hard Reanimator fan, you might want to consider this one, but honestly, there’s just not much to be excited about in this series.


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