Oh, I Wanna Go: ‘Fan Phenomena: The Rocky Horror Picture Show’


9781783204502Since 1975, The Rocky Horror Picture Show has been steadily causing viewers to stay up late into the night for Midnight shows, full of dress up, audience partici…pation and lascivious entertainment.  In the new release from Intellect Books, Fan Phenomena: The Rocky Horror Picture Show editor Marisa C. Hayes gathers a collection of writers’ takes on the film’s wide influence and the life of the fans who still pay tribute to it.

The strength of Fan Phenomena: The Rocky Horror Picture Show is that it doesn’t just examine the movie like a specimen to be studied (oh Rocky), but it also includes interviews with fans who have gone on to create documentaries, meets up and even one fan who yearly holds a picnic at Oakley Court, the castle where the film’s exterior scenes were shot. Also included are pieces reflecting on the concept of female sexuality and its difficult time in American culture, fetish wear and the beginnings of Cosplay through midnight shows. One article emphasizes the importance of showings at The Stonewall Inn and the embracing of the film by the LGBT community. My favorite article, though mentioned above, was about how seriously the organizations who do Shadowcasts ( a group of performers who act out the film as it is playing on screen) take their costuming and performances. The book includes a wealth of images of fans and screen shots from the film to accompany the article so the eye is always entertained.

Fan Phenomena: The Rocky Horror Picture Show is a great collection for those who have waited for a Midnight show, have performed in a Shadowcast or just want to see what the big deal is regarding a B-Movie Musical from 1975. I will caution though, you will be breaking out your DVD or CD and singing along as you read.
Fan Phenomena: The Rocky Horror Picture Show is now available from Intellect Books.



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