Trailer for Syfy’s ‘The Magicians’ Intrigues, But Will It Live Up to the Book Series?


The Magicians is a trilogy by Levi Grossman about a group of college age adults who end up at an elite college of magic named Brakebills Academy. Quentin Coldwater is a young math genius who spends his time fascinated with a series of childrens’ fantasy tales set in a land called Fillory. This is not unlike CS Lewis’ Narnia. After an unfortunate incident where he finds his interviewer for a major university dead, Quentin is given a chance to go to Brakebill’s and audition for a position in the school. Confused, he quickly learns that he has magic abilities. He makes friends, but soon learns there is a serious darkside to magic and Fillory might not just be a story.

The best description I ever heard of The Magicians Trilogy is “imagine Harry Potter says f**k, drinks and has sex.” The story is not lighthearted and innocent, but rather a dark and twisted tale that may fit just perfectly in SyFy’s wheelhouse of shows. Think their recent success by airing the Canadian tv show Lost Girl and you’ll get what I mean.

The trailer is intriguing, but at the same time I wonder how much of the show will live up to the world we’ve created in our heads and if Alice will get equal billing with Quentin.

Syfy is set to air The Magicians in the Spring.


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