Contact In the Desert 2015 to Feature Familiar Faces From ‘Ancient Aliens’


When I was a kid, I remember seeing my dad’s basement office humming with several computers running a program for SETI (Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence) searches. While nothing ever popped up while I was watching, there was always that question if something else was going on outside of our safe little basement. For fans of the television show Ancient Aliens, many of us had childhood experiences like mine and many of us either became skeptics or began to research further. Contact in the Desert is a weekend of exploration into human origins, crop circles, anti-gravity machines, the ideas of ancient aliens and just overall exploration into the idea of extraterrestrial life. CTID occurs this year May 29-31st at the Joshua Tree Retreat Center, and will feature such famous faces as Giorgio A. Tsoukalos (you may know him better as the face of the ‘Aliens’ Meme) and George Noory, the Coast to Coast AM radio show host that took over for Art Bell a few years back.  The event will feature panels on ancient aliens and the search for evidence of their existence, as well as private sessions with some of the folks listed below.


Tickets are still available.


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