Fan Phenomena: Jane Austen


9781783204472Intellect Books continues their partnership with the University of Chicago Press with their newest edition of Fan Phenomena: Jane Austen. Over 200 years after her death and the world is still in love with her stories and characters. Editor Gabrielle Malcolm curates this collection with a personal introduction asking of the reader why it is that Jane Austen is such an influence on media, literature and young people the world over. Malcolm brings together opinions on Darcymania, Monster mash-ups such as the popular Pride & Prejudice & Zombies , Sense & Sensibility & Sea Monsters and others from Quirk Books and identifying yourself as a heroine of one of Austen’s many novels.

What becomes most important, though, is who Jane Austen was and who she is now in the eyes of her fans. Using letters and other personal items of the time many authors and writers have tried to identify what motivated Austen to create these characters. Some believe it was a lost love for both herself and her sister that produced her well know fiction. Others believe it was her independence and imagination that made her the modern woman in an unchanged society. Whatever side you’re on, the quest to find something tangible within her stories, to make them real, continues to this day.11292178996_2f9254b182_o

I’m not afraid to share that I’ve purchased the 2005 film Pride & Prejudice more than once because of exciting new editions. I also own the 1995 BBC Mini Series which birthed the thousand sighs from Mr. Darcy exiting the pond, his shirt slick to his body. I own the 2008 Masterpiece collection of Sense & Sensibility and Persuasion which includes their film Miss Austen Regrets; a dramatized biography based on her letter and diaries. Sense & Sensibility was where I first fell in love with Dan Stevens before his Downton Abbey Fame. I’ve watched and own Austenland with Keri Russell if only for her elegant rap scene. I am a daughter of the Jane Austen generation.

Intellect Books’ Fan Phenomena: Jane Austen is for fans, Critics and scholars. A wonderful immersion into the world of Austen. it’s available now from Intellect Books, an imprint of University of Chicago Press.



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