‘Legenderry: Green Hornet #4’ Please Just Stop!


Legenderry: Green Hornet #4 coverLegenderry: Green Hornet #4 is tough to get through. While there are some good moments through the issues, they are quickly forgettable, leaving the bad to stick in your mouth like peanut butter.

Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE the idea of steam punk mixed in with the Green Hornet. The problem lies in the story. When you are so heavily dependent on dialog to keep the story going along, you leave out important details that help the reader grasp a better understanding. There is also this awkwardness that shines through that edges on trying to be snarky and funny, but ends up with silence and blank stares. You get the feeling that the writer, Daryl Gregory, is just trying too hard to make this character seem interesting.

The sad thing, is I am not invested at all. The plot has a lot of holes and drastically changes in a split second. For example, one minute Bronze Hornet is setting up a bounty for Green Hornet’s head and the next they are riding through the city as partners. It just doesn’t make any sense. I also believe it comes down to throwing to much at the reader in a short amount of time, I can’t even remember how many different gangs were mentioned. Did we really need all that?

However, it isn’t always bad. There are some interesting hints at character development that I would love to see more of. I’m digging the twist when Bronze Hornet was revealed, the thing between Mae Jensen and Kato, as well as the sexy villain Veiled Lady. However, I don’t think that it is enough to get me to tune in for the next issue.


Legenderry: Green Hornet #4 is now available from Dynamite.


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