‘The Vampire Diaries’ Season Finale: A Farewell to Elena


Spoiler Warning

The Vampire Diaries PosterTears are streaming down my cheek faster then I can blot them away. It was no secret that we would be saying goodbye to Elena Gilbert, the star of the hit series The Vampire Diaries. But I don’t think any of us were truly prepared. This episode had it all.

A week prior we were shocked to see how quickly a beautiful wedding could be thrown into mayhem and this week we picked up right where we left off. While death surrounds this episode, leaving us to say goodbye to a few characters, I was left with a sense of excitement at what is about to come. Any show that makes it into their sixth season is a milestone in itself. Usually, by the fourth season it starts to get stale with plots repeating or constant switching back and forth. The Vampire Diaries was no stranger to this, leaving most fans to get tired and uninterested by season five. Especially, when their spinoff, The Originals, is still going extremely strong.

For the fans that have stuck it out, this season finale was a way to wash away the old and bring in the new. As the season finale took us on an emotional roller coaster, we were able to see the slate wiped clean for the majority of the characters. Allowing room to set up new stories without revolving around Elena Gilbert.

There were so many amazing parts to this episode and all tied together to create an overall breathtaking performance. I was angry, scared, hopeful, happy, depressed, and then in the last minute I was enthused. I wasn’t quite sure where they were going as they skipped time in the last two minutes.  Fear washed over my with the realization that they might mess up this masterpiece with a  rushed cliffhanger, but instead I was rewarded with something even more amazing. A glimpse into a run down, chaotic Mystic Falls. I can only assume from last nights episode who the next antagonist will be and I can’t wait.

Ever since Damon and Stefan’s mother made an appearance, I have been dying for that story plot to take root. I wanted to know more about this woman who would turn her back on her own children for a misfit group of witch vampires.

But it wasn’t just the cliffhanger that was done perfectly. As the story wrapped up for Elena, I found myself connected to each one of her friends goodbyes and left me feeling more hopefully, then sad. (UNLIKE THE CLUSTER F*** THAT WAS GREY’S ANATOMY’S FAREWELL TO MCDREAMY). Her departure was gracefully constructed to hit all the things fans have come to love over the seasons. Honestly, I cannot think of anything they could have done better.

While heaviness still lingers in my chest after The Vampire Diaries season finale, I welcome the sense of serenity that is mixed along with it.


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