“Unbowed, Unbent, Unbroken”- Game of Thrones Season 5, Episode 5 And Why I Need to Return To Therapy


So many spoilers. So many…


Arya Stark is back…finally. For a few weeks now we’ve wondered what has been up with Arya and now we have our answer. She’s been cleaning bodies and floors for the Faceless Men, but they still refuse to give her answers. After all, she can’t tell the difference between a lie or the truth, and when she attempts to lie the Faceless trainer hits her to show he can tell she’s lying.  Arya ends up lying to a dying girl and helps guide her into death. As she prepares the body, the Faceless Man takes her to the answers she’s been looking for; a gallery of faces.



Tyrion is spending time with Jorah Mormont as they travel to Danaerys. Tyrion admits to knowing Jorah’s father from visiting the Wall, but Jorah evidently did not know his father was dead.  Mormont and Tyrion who discuss life after death and their beliefs. Mormont discusses seeing Dany come from the fire and the power of her dragons. “Have you ever heard baby dragons singing? It’s hard to be a cynic after that.”

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Littlefinger returns to Westeros to meet with Cersei. He is stopped by her cousin. now in the Faith Militant. Littlefinger receives the warning that flesh merchants are no longer wanted in the new order. Cersei gives him a similar message and questions his loyalty. Littlefinger tells Cersei where Sansa is and offers to help the Lannister cause, if he can become the Warden of the North.


Myrcella Lannister and Trystane Martell wish to marry and seem very happy. However, the Sand Snakes and Jamie Lannister both have different plans. Jamie and Bronn manage to get into the Water Gardens of Dorne, where they find Myrcella kissing Trystane. Before Jaime can “rescue” his daughter/niece the Sand Snakes attack. All put up a fight but are stopped by the guards for the Martell king.


Lady Olenna, aka Grandma Tyrell, is furious her grandson is locked up. She meets with Cersei and cuts immediately through the BS to demand his release. Cersei tells her she can’t do anything to help, as this is all the Faith Militant’s doing. There is an inquest where Queen Margaery claims her brother has never had intercourse with a man. Of course, the court calls Loras’s most recent lover and blows this out of the water. Sir Loras and Queen Margaery are arrested and set for trial.


I am getting really tired of rape sequences on Game of Thrones. Tonight was certainly not an exception. Sansa Stark is prepared for her wedding by Myranda. Myranda tells Sansa all about the women Ramsay has destroyed. They are still we (bad call) and in their private chamber, Ramsay questions Sansa on her virginity. Sansa tells him she still is and that Tyrion was gentle and never touched her. Ramsay is, of course, a complete psycho. He forces Theon Greyjoy to stay in the room and watch while Ramsay rapes Sansa.


A friend of mine put this best with the phrase “F**K THIS EPISODE.” Did we really need to hear Sansa cry out? Did we really need to show yet another rape sequence on Game of Thrones?  How about no. We finally get this awesome return to Arya, show the strength of the Sand Snakes and then we end on Sansa being raped? Get it together Game of Thrones. Seriously.



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