Youtube Spotlight: WHY I LOVE ME SOME TODDY!


Todrick HallBe still my pounding heart. It has only been four hours since I got to meet the one and only Todrick Hall, and yet I feel as I did when he was standing in front of me. I have been a fan of his for a long time, but many are just finding out about the fabulous creativity that oozes from his talented, sexy body. With his new show on MTV coming soon, the world will finally know just what a treat he really is. In celebration of his new show and all the good vibes heading his way, I decided to count down some of my favorite video’s of his.

You can follow him through all the channels of social media, but I feel his best work comes through his Youtube channel. Todrick Hall can do it all. He is a vocalist, actor, director, choreographer and entertainer. Not to mention he has an incredible sense of style. Below you will find that Toddy has a wide talent for creating some of the most amazing videos; everything from Disney, song mashups, tacking social issues, and just all around making us smile. Please join me as we take a trip through Toddy’s World.


Who doesn’t like a good Taylor Swift parody, especially when done to the concept of Alice in Wonderland. I wish all public announcements came like this.


This is a remake of another video he did awhile back, except this one is FABULOUS!


Ryan Murphy missed his chance, but everything happens for a reason. Watch Todrick Hall’s new show coming to MTV.


Not only is this song adorable and catchy, but it sends a empowering message.


This was the first video I ever saw of his. It takes a genius to come up with a concept like this and do it flawless.


He mixes pop with Disney,but what really sells it is the princesses. 😉


Disney Villains meet Cell Block Tango… I need to say more?


If you haven’t caught on yet, Toddy has a special spot for Disney. This video is no exception. Disney meets 90’s music.


This is one of my favorites because it is more laid back then his usual videos, but just enough razzle dazzle to make you watch it over and over again.


This came out awhile ago, but it is the first one I always show people. Social issues can be tough to discuss, because no one ever wants to offend but Toddy tackles an important issue while shinning a positive, beautiful light on it.

Love what you saw here? Then check out Todrick Hall on his channel and followed him on Twitter/Instagram @Toddyrockstar.


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