D23 Brings the 60th Anniversary of Lady in the Tramp Home in a Fanniversary Edition



Disney Twenty-Three, the Official Disney Fan Club, is launching a new fan experience to celebration the 60th Anniversary of Lady and the Tramp‘s release. Fans are invited to participate in the first Fanniversary Home Edition, bringing together fans of the classic all over the world.

The event begins on May 29th, when fans will be able to start planning their parties with downloadable invitations, decorations, crafts, games and even recipes put together from chefs from the Chew.

The party will take place from June 12-14th. D23 will reveal new content on their website for fans to enjoy all weekend long. Some of the content includes videos of original artwork, Scamp comics, a gallery of related items from the Disney Archives, fun facts about the film and the story of Walt Disney’s own dogs.

Fans are also invited to celebrate on social media and connect with each other using the hashtag #D23Fanniversary and following D23 at @DisneyD23 on all platforms. Fans can even take a selfie sharing a plate of spaghetti with the canines as well as posting pictures of their “Dogglegangers,” or their own pets that look like the dogs from the film.

Everyone is encouraged to watch the movie all weekend but the big event will be on June 13, at 5pm PDT. Fans around the world will be asked to hit play on their viewing devices to join into a global viewing party of the beloved Disney canine classic. Viewers will also be able to follow along on Twitter as D23 posts content related to the film through out the viewing party.

For more information on the upcoming Fanniversary or to get your own party ready, visit http://d23.com/D23Fanniversary/


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