Lady Mechanika is Back in ‘The Tablet of Destinies’



Lady Mechanika has been sorely missing in my life. The series by artist Joe Benitez and author M.M. Chen is a combination of Victoriana, Steampunk and a strong, intelligent female character. In issue #1 Lady Mechanika is garbed in some incredible corsetry, outfitted with weaponry and an equally sharp mind. She is drawn into a mystery involving the kidnapping of a young girl named Winifred and the disappearance of her grandfather while in Africa on a trek to discover the legendary lost city of Enki. In issue #2, Lady Mechanika must find her way into the secret order of Rosicrucians. As they do not allow women in their order, Lady Mechanika uses her special skill set to break in and find the answers she is looking for regarding the disappearances in issue #1. Of course, there is far more to the story than meets the eye.

Lady Mechanika’s backstory is a difficult one. The sole-survivor of a serial killers three-year rampage, Mechanika’s limbs were mostly replaced with mechanical elements. She has no memory of her previous life, but has rebuilt a life as a private detective and lets nothing stand in her way. Her nature is a strangely badass combination of Sherlock Holmes, a cyborg and some sort of Gothic novel heroine.

Several years ago, Joe Benitez had a set of Lady Mechanika drawings at San Diego Comic Con. They were gorgeous and promised new issues, after the series suddenly stopped. Now under the mantle of Benitez Productions, I am delighted to see this series back. It combines the elements of Victorian life, adventure and just enough Steampunk to be fashionable, but not overwhelming or unnecessary.

Issue #1 of Lady Mechanika: The Tablet of Destinies are now available on Joe Benitez’s website or through Comixology. Issue #2 will be available May 20, 2015. 00a_LMTOD02


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