NBC’s ‘The Island’ Has No Women…And I’m Thinking That’s Not a Bad Thing


In NBC and Bear Grylls’ latest experiment at making entertaining television, The Island, 14 men are sent to live on an island and see if they can survive. At least according to the preview, they are their own camera crew. There are no winners, no cash prizes. They are doing this because they want to see if they can survive.

What strikes me most about this preview is that there are no women. Was this because no women were available, or rather that we all looked at this premise and went “that is the dumbest thing I’ve ever heard in my life.” Below are some interviews with the upcoming cast members. And didn’t Bear Grylls get busted for staying in hotels?

Meanwhile, every Third World County on the planet wants to know what the hell you’re whining about.

The Island premieres May 25, 2015 on NBC.


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