Review: Chrononauts #3


This really needs to be a movie NOW.

Corbin and Danny are two renegade creators of a time traveling suit that enables to not only hop through time and space but to also carry items through. Being young and nothing holding them back, they flipped off the rules to time travel have created havoc. They have amassed fortunes, women, and power. Life is gooooooood.

Chrononauts #3 Cover AI thought the first two issues (review can here) were pretty significant reasons for this story to be portrayed on the big screen. Then Chrononauts #3 gives me a space/time hopping car chase–with one of the characters naked in a pink fuzzy bathrobe. This alone has the potential for a great car sponsorship. Whatever car they use, I will probably buy that car with my millions of money that I make in my imagination. So if there is a lithmus test going on behind closed doors whether this project should proceed as a film: Yes, yes, yes, so many times yes. Hear that Hollywood execs?! Make this movie!!

Epic space/time hopping car chase aside, this issue is gearing up for something heinous indeed. Moving around technology and placing it in inappropriate eras, sleeping around with women, and garnering obscene amounts of power has placed them right into the path of destruction.

The armed forces from their original timeline were able to bail them out once, but they fled, resulting in disaster. They have now lost one suit. The suits were what enabled them to travel throughout time and space and carry items back and forth. Losing one suit is pretty bad, but they could have survived. This issue doesn’t hesitate inĀ  offering up an additional and even more dangerous outcome: the suit has landed in another person’s hand.

The good times are winding down, one suit is gone,the second is in the wrong hands. Our gleeful manly protagonists, Corbin and Danny, are about to face some reality. And possibly mortality.

Chrononauts#3 had a great mix of thrill, comedy, and absolute suspense. It was a very quick read and just really set up for what’s coming next. I am seriously thrilled and happy with this series.

Chrononauts #3 was published May 13, 2015 by Image Comics.


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