Review: Graveyard Shift TP


GraveyardShiftTP_CoverI can honestly say this is the first time I’ve fallen in love at first bite. Graveyard Shift TP, a collection of the four issue miniseries by writer Jay Faerber, sucked me in after just a few panels. Homicide Detective Liam goes in with his three colleagues and best friends for what he believes will be a normal bust in a case related to a handful of missing girls. Thinking that they came into an empty home they are suddenly attacked. After the altercation pushes their suspect out the window and into the river, they go home shaken, but unharmed. Unfortunately for them it’s not for long. Soon they’re all attacked, and most murdered, with the exception of Liam who in a stroke of luck is saved by the sudden fire engulfing his home. His fiance Hope isn’t so lucky.

After awakening from his coma as a result of the attack on his home Liam finds that Hope was killed. Visiting her grave he finds it empty – Liam and his friends weren’t dealing with any ordinary suspect, they were dealing with Vampires. And they’ve brought Hope into their fold. Can their love survive? is there a cure out there? Or will they forever be engulfed in darkness.

Writer Jay Faerber maintains a humerus dialogue between Liam and those around him. he’s serious and ironic, humble yet passionate. Liam is the confident everyman without being arrogant and unlikeable. He’s steady and ready for action. Most interesting is how he compliments his fiance, Hope. She’s not just dead weight serving as a symbol. hope is taking charge, putting in the time to change hers and Liam’s situation. They’re a team bent on changing their future. And they’re doing it all in a supernatural satire.

Artist Fran Bueno is multifaceted from cover, to character art to story panels. Each is a little bit different but so resoundingly Bueno’s. The detail, shading and figures dominate the page. You can see the movement of the characters on the page. As a treat to readers we’re also given a sketchbook by Bueno of concept art and early sketches. The lines are certain, detailed, layered and so much more. I know I’m abusing the word detailed but I’m just so smitten I’m at a lost.

For those who love comedy, for those who love horror, and ESPECIALLY for those who love both, pick up your copy today. Graveyard Shift TP is available from Image Comics.


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