Catching up with AOL’s Connected in Time for the Final Installment


AOL Webseries ConnectedIt’s me again! Just wanting to share more of my love for AOL’s CONNECTED! Here is the brief recap of episodes 13 to 15, to get you ready for the final installment heading our way 12 PM EST Monday May 25th, 12pm EST. Can I just say that I am so sad to see this show wrap up and hope to see them in a new location, rocking new and exciting adventures.

Episode 13 stole my heart towards the end. I know I’ve had my issues with Jonathan, but I can understand where he is coming from. Not to mention, I can’t deny that he is adorable in personality and looks. However, what made my heart sore through the clouds was the fact that we got to see him try to work things out with Susan. Also, for once she got behind the camera to give him the spotlight. Besides the love fest that I was having for the happy couple, I couldn’t help but be in awe of Lori and Jan’s wedding. We have seen her breaking her back to get every detail perfect and by golly, SHE DID IT! While love rocked this episode, I believe my favorite part was seeing Rosie really start to move past the guilt she holds for herself. Even when she is crying, that girl still has a smile on her face. Have I mentioned that all the females are pretty criers on this show?

Episode 14 caught up with Nina as she tries to figure out a balance between a newborn and her home business. I loved seeing her husband stuck with the baby for the day and how afterwards he was quick to agree she needed extra help. However, I don’t think he thought she would run with the idea like she did. I was so thrilled to see working Lori. I’m happy to see that she is happily in love, but I feel as if that is only one small aspect to this amazing woman. By the way, marriage does that girl good! While Lori is a type A personality and slight control freak, it is so refreshing to see the moments where she allows us to view her insecurities. It really just makes me love her even more. Last but not least, we got a chance to peak into what Eli and Ido have been up to. It was sweet to see them reaching out to old friends and working towards getting their life back. It is so hard after such a devastating loss, and it is clear these were just meant for each other. I hope one day to find a relationship, as strong and supportive as these two.

Episode 15 was a little slow, especially with the last two episodes being so full of energy. Derek, who is living up life in L.A, finds himself on a mission. However, his mission leads him to a girl who might be making him rethinking his policy on relationships. Rosie continues to combat the idea of marrying again and puts forth bigger efforts to try and meet her guy halfway. I LOVE THEM SO MUCH!!! We see this amazing, fun loving couple take another step together towards their future and adulthood. It was Valentine ’s Day, and while Nina and the hubby were dying for some alone, their little guy wasn’t having it. I don’t think it really matters anyway, because these two are so in love with the little tyke.

Episode 16 Lori and Jan continue to look into the prospect of having children. First, on their list to get the all clear from their doctor and second is to have a sit down with Jan’s children. This episode was a roller coaster of emotions for everyone. Ever since Rosie accepted the proposal/promise ring, the pressure has been on. I wanted to jump for joy when that sweet man of hers explained he wanted to marry her but there was no pressure. It probably didn’t help that a house went for sale a few blocks away from her parents’ house. The last turn of our roller coaster ride follows Eli and Ido as they continue to start putting the pieces together to perhaps one day have another child. After checking in with their doctor, there is one more person they need to talk with, but is she ready for round two?


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