Dresden Downtown #4


DresdenDowntown04-Cov-A-SejicBefore I dive into why Dresden Downtown #4 is just another amazing chapter of the story I can’t get enough of; I want to point out one thing: I LOVE THE RELATIONSHIP BETWEEN MARCONE AND DRESDEN! In earlier issues we get a sense that Gentleman Johnny Marcone is your overall evil mob boss. In the current issue, we finally get a few peeks into the relationship between the two.

I am a Dresden Files fan all the way: Between Molly, Mouse, Mister, Murphy, and Dresden himself, the story detail is phenomenal. The writing by Jim Butcher and Mark Powers never ceases to amaze me. They pluck the strings of my emotions effortlessly and leave me in desperate need for more. All while they are creating impressive imagery through the sentences.

Dresden Downtown #4¬†finally starts weaving in some information about has been hinted at in previous issues. We start with following Dresden, Molly, Mouse, and Marcone on a journey into Undertown. By the way everyone keeps describing it, you can’t help but feel the itching of fear as you turn the next page. The suspense build up is delicately balanced with the sarcastic humor we have come to expect and love. Thank god for that, because this issue stepped up its game in the thriller category.

While the plot leaves us on a cliff hanger, it is the artwork from Carlos Gomez and colors from Mohan that really make the final moment stand out. After finishing Dresden Downtown #4,¬†I couldn’t help but utter, “bravo.”




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