Review: Birthright #7 Quests and Consequences


Cover for Birthright #7In previous issues, we learned that when Mikey was a young boy, he was transported to another world called Terranos. It was world full of battles, evil, larger than life monsters, and magic. He was the chosen one to fight against the greatest Evil of all. Now Mikey has returned home, a grown Warrior full of scars and secrets. For him it has been decades but for his family, a mere year has passed. A family reunion is not the goal for Mikey. He’s on a mission to destroy four dangerous wizards, and Birthright #7 sees him working toward that goal.

From the last issue (Review of #5 and #6 can be found here), Mikey and his older brother Brennan have set off into the woods as their father diverts the attention of the cops and the mother. There is no sign of the father in this issue, so he’s probably in the hospital. The mother is no longer content to wait and begins her own search. While that is going, Mikey and Brennan continue to survive.

They have done so by stealing campers’ supplies which leads me to a brief digression. I can tell you that living¬† hectic city of LA¬† will sometimes create urges to go camping. Within five minutes of camping, every single possibility of nightmares gleaned from horror movies will start flipping through my mind. Now to have these two stealing campers stuff must be pretty traumatizing to these poor campers, especially for the poor soul who didn’t understand what acid rain is. If someone were to steal my supplies like that, I would be pissed off (camping supplies are not cheap!) and frightened as hell. Whatever, the brother have to survive, but if I saw someone like older Mikey stealing my stuff, of man…

Well, stealing all this stuff has raised some red flags and the residents are on high alert. The two brothers find the clues to their next target in plain sight but no longer are they traveling in secret.

Our pregnant winged woman, Rya, is not bothering with traveling in secrecy either. Her entrance into the world has garnered a lot of attention. Not that she really gives a damn. She seems pretty pissed off at Mikey.

Up to this point,the violence in the present world has been pretty quick but minimal. Stabbings or acts towards characters that the reader has not had much connection with. So when they are gone, it’s pretty emotionless. The epic levels of terror and horror seemed to have been relegated to Terranos. This issue is starting to change that. Mikey’s goal is to destroy these mages. He’s on a quest that can have dire consequences. Unlike in movies, there is no magical plot hole that can fix a main character if something happens to them. What happens during the present world has deep deep consequences.

Even so, just like a good fantasy story, I need to know what happens next!

Birthright #7 is available at your local comic book retailer.


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