Review: Black Science #14 A Tale of Devastation and Realization


Black Science #14 CoverIn previous issues, we learend that Grant McKay and his team created a device they called a Pillar. The pillar enables them to travel through dimensions. They broke alot of rules but their goal was to help humankind,to solve every problem, solve every dilemma, cure every disease. In the middle of a celebration, the Pillar set off transporting the team and McKay’s family through dimensions of horror, violence, terror, and death. With each jump, they risk their lives. With each new experience, they learn about the horrors out there and within themselves.

It’s been fourteen issues now, and the team (and the reader) has gone through so much confusion, horror, and mayhem¬† in this blender of a comic story. After all of that, it seems like a virus will take them all out: the team, the family, and the worlds surrounding them. Ever since the Andromeda Strain by Michael Cricton, it will always be those microscopic hellions that will inject the greatest fear into us all.

The team has hit their limit, reflections has been cast, and regret has been felt. It is now time to make atonement for past mistakes.

Grant (and all of his versions) has slowly changed from his initial selfish and egotistical beginning to a man who began to fully realize who he has become and what that did to the people around him. It has become less of a lofty, imperial goal of solving every problem and more getting his kids home safe.

However, his actions have created a destructive path that has resonated through worlds. People/citizens/beings are suffering and dying due to what has spread. It is great to see Grant turn a new leaf but he has so much to make up for. After all that, it might be too little, too late.

The shaman is pretty scary/powerful with his ability to just heal people. I have a suspicion that his role is even greater than we imagine. Another speculation that is niggling the corner of my mind is that there is an even grander scheme that is afoot. Could this be a closed loop? they mentioned that the pathways they are following seem to be a pattern of previous dimensionauts. So they must be following established pathways or…someone/something is guiding their travels. Carrying around this item of high value would be very much coveted.

After fourteen issues, the reader is awarded with a sense of clarification. The story is settling into something recognizable and there is a false sense of serenity. I say false for this is Rick Remender doing the writing, and he seems to love messing with his readers. Who’s to say we aren’t enjoying this mind mixing?

Black Science #14 is available at your local comic book retailer.


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