Review: Locke & Key Master Edition Vol One


Locke & Key Master Edition Vol One Joe Hill and Gabriel Rodriguez’s hit series Locke & Key is being re-released in a series of Master Editions designed by Gabriel Rodriguez. Vol. One contains the first two of six story arcs, “Welcome to Lovecraft” and “Head Games”. Existing fans of the series will likely be eager to add the Master Edition to their collection while those new to the series, such as myself, will love to dive straight into the series.

It has only been within the last couple of weeks that I really got to experience the storytelling and style of Joe Hill with the film adaptation of his novel, Horns. It was a lazy Netflix evening at home and I chose it by chance having been on my queue for a while. Hill spun an amazing tale of redemption and choice for his characters. He does much the same with the Locke family after their tragic loss of patriarch Rendell Locke. Deciding to leave their old life behind after his death children Bode, Kinsey, Tyler and their mother move in with Rendell’s younger brother, Duncan, to Keyhouse. Little do they know that their arrival falls right into the hands of entity who orchestrated the events before them. Little by little it moves and manipulates everyone to their own end.

Artist Gabriel Rodriguez is secretly my favorite artist because of his work on Little Nemo: Return to Slumberland . He transitions from beautiful dreams in Little Nemo from nightmares in Locke & Key. I believe he does this with ease because of his talent and experience. Rodriguez draws focus and creates movement with his characters. I feel less like I’m reading and more like I’m watching a story come to life. His attention to detail is apparent in this collection by his design.

I honestly feel ashamed for having not gotten to this series earlier. It’s more than horror, more than fantasy and Hill & Rodriguez create characters and stories that jump off the page. I couldn’t pull myself away when I started and lost myself until it unfortunately had to end.

Locke & Key Master Edition Vol One is available now from IDW.


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