Watch Rosie Noei and Lori Levine in These Exclusive Clips from the Final Episodes of AOL’s Connected


Can I just say, when I got the news that I had a chance to interview, two of my favorite ladies from the show, it made the Finals Blue evaporate. While I get ready for the interview (coming Monday morning), please enjoy these exclusive clips from the final installment of Connected.

As a woman who is struggling to make my own name in the world and go to college full time, I have really connected with Lori Levine and Rosie Noei from AOL’s Connected.

Through their episodes they have shown to keep a positive attitude even when the world is trying to keep them down. As well as how to live life to the fullest no matter the situation they find themselves in. They are two completely different women, but with thier own style and grace they showed what it means to be a independent, thriving female in today’s society. Every time I see them in the episodes, I can’t help but smile and cheer, “WOMAN POWER!”

Here are two exclusive videos from the final installment, heading our way on May 25th, 12pm EST.

Lori Visits the Fertility Clinic in Episode 19 of AOL’s Connected

Rosie Proposes in Episode 20 of AOL’s Connected:


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