“Certain Agony of the Battlefield” is a Tear-Jerker- ‘Orphan Black’ Season 3 Episode 6


As always, this review contains Spoilers.



My big caution to viewers this week is to have tissues handy and either a person or stuffed animal to cuddle afterwards. It hurts. It hurts so much I’m having a hard time writing about it. The episode begins with Sarah having a fever dream. She follows Kira through the mazes of the Castor Hideout, only to see Rudy injecting her with his blood. She wakes to discover this was actually the case and she is now suffering from the same horrible disease as the women the Castor clones slept with.

In Arlington, Paul shows the Castor Clone sex journals to a member of a shadowy organization. This man says he can help, and claims he will go to the Director immediately and get to the bottom of it.

At home, Mrs. S and Felix continue to worry about Sarah. Kira Skypes in to speak with her extended family, but is sad to see her mom is not there. She heartbreakingly asks Mrs. S if her mom is mad at her. After the call, Felix insists he is worried. Mrs. S tries to counsel him with the following. “If raising Sarah has taught me anything, it’s how to survive worry. You keep on living.”

Cosima is working on a cure for Grace, but is also very distracted by her new relationship with Shay. She doesn’t answer her phone, even though Scott seems desperate to reach her. Cosima ends up telling Shay that Sarah is like a sister to her, as our beautiful scientist evidently talks in her sleep. We discover the desperate nature of Scott’s calls, when Cosima arrives late to the lab only to bump into her ex-girlfriend, Delphine. Delphine gets big boss mean with Cosima, but points out a problem that Scott and Cosima both missed.

We get a lovely light note when we go to Donnie and Allison Hendrix throwing Loonies (Canadian Money) all over their bedroom and dancing in their underwear to rap music. It’s like a really bad sequence out of a music video. They come to their senses when their daughter opens the door. They are working with their drug dealer partner to buy Allison’s mother’s soap store, Bubbles, as a front to launder the drug money.

In the Castor camp, Sarah is incredibly sick and telling everyone who will listen that Rudy and Dr. Coady have given her some sort of disease. Paul has a brief moment where he shows a possible good light, but we worry that he still is not trustworthy. Helena is meanwhile wandering the desert. When she drops to the ground, it is only momentarily so she may eat her scorpion friend. Seriously; she eats the scorpion.



Felix takes Gracie to Dyad for treatment. Of course, he also has another motive. He leaves Gracie with Delphine and Cosima for testing and convinces Scott to take him to see Rachel. He ends up screaming at Rachel and tearing down her paintings while demanding to know where his sister is. Rachel has brain damage, so she appears to not be much help. Scott convinces Felix to leave Rachel alone and gets him out of the secret facility. However, there just might be something in that painting Rachel is working on that can help Scott and his research.

Delphine explains the disease to Gracie, while at Castor Headquarters Paul explains it to Mark from materials he’s found under lock and key. The disease, horrifically enough, acts as a sterilization tool for women. It shrinks their ovaries and leaves them unable to reproduce. When Gracie hears this, she is briefly overwhelmed. She asks Cosima if she is a monster for being relieved.

Sarah has another fever dream where she speaks with Beth. For the first time on the show, we see Beth speak for herself, and not via prerecorded video. Beth asks why she’s taken over her life, but then tells her it’s time to stop asking why and start asking who.

Delphine proves she’s just a bit creepy by looking at video footage and photographs of Shay and Cosima together. Not cool, Delphine. Not cool.

We then come to the part of the episode that emotionally destroyed me. Paul discovers that Sarah has completely recovered. They confront Dr. Virginia Coady and lockdown the facility. However, a snitch alterts Rudy on Patrol out in the desert and he comes in to go on a murderous rampage. In an altercation, Paul is stabbed. He admits to Sarah that it was “never Beth I loved.” However, Paul makes sure to show Sarah how to escape and makes for an explosive ending.

Even as I write this, I’m still wiping away tears for Paul. I hated Paul. Sure, he’s devastatingly handsome and those sex scenes 1st Season were like a complete dream. However, he never seemed to be on the up and up. Now, we see where his true loyalties lie.


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